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Taylor Teasley is  a country artist originally from a small suburban area in Southern California, now residing in Nashville, TN. Music has been a part of her life since she was 4 years old starting out with piano lessons with inheriting a background of bluegrass musicians on her father’s side in Georgia. With always being apart of something at a young age such as modeling, acting, sports, and music, she always knew music had a special place in her heart and eventually she would have to choose her passion. She started teaching herself how to play guitar and sing when she was 13 years old and has continued with it ever since. Taylor earned a certification in Audio Engineering and a B.A. in Music Industry Studies to help her learn about the business from industry lawyers.

Taylor’s debut single “never mine” has earned over 200,000 streams alone on spotify with her sophomore single “join the club” coming in right behind it with earning more than 10,000 streams in the first week on both releases. in 2023 her fan club known as the “tt fam” pressed for a music video and she released her first one on youtube for her single “join the club”. Both singles were featured on nashville’s own radio sobro as “song of the day”.

Taylor Teasley has played over 600 shows from wine bars, restaurants, hotels, private parties, weddings, festivals, and has done many live streams on instagram and Tiktok, along with  virtual Q&As to keep connecting with her fans. she has toured in many states including hawaii for shows, festivals and private concerts. Taylor is passionate about her music and always hopes to bring people together by looking for ways to give back to the community. Taylor’s combination of raspy country vocals, to her song selection with her fingerpicking playing style, makes her one to watch! 

Taylor is proudly Endorsed by gibson guitars, USA.

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endorsed by gibson guitars, usa
debut single "Never mine"and sophomore single "join the club" named song of the say on nashville's radio so bro
co-wrote cmt featured music video "thank God for that" (recorded by sister duo steel ivory)
featured on voyage la
has been featured on "feed the band" founded by culinary and music journalist southern fellow
played crs 2023 sponsored by picklejar
co-wrote viral tiktok song "stone harbor" (recorded by Holdyn Barder)
Endorsed by MEE audio
Endorsed by g7th, the capo company
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Taylor Teasley, a vibe that echos the past, a voice that commands the stage, and a presence that paints a picture. An elegant work of art, a collection of timeless tunes. Every lyric lures you in, every song leaves you longing for more. The keys of life are black and white, and the rhythm is strum on mother of pearl. Within every note, and throughout every verse, each moment of breath, is ever so fine, I promise you this, her passion and soul will touch, more hearts than mine."

Brian Garris
(Buzz With Brian)

Taylor Teasley is a remarkable new addition to the country music scene. Here at Southern Fellow, we go beyond the music and put the focus on the person. Getting to know Taylor over the past year, it’s clear that she has the passion, determination, and talent to be not just good but great. It is such an honor to know Taylor and be part of both her personal and musical journey.

Southern Fellow

Taylor Teasley is a dedicated country musician. Her warm and unique voice reflect her as a person. Her ability to awaken emotions and create a heart felt experience in her song, is exactly how real she is as a person too. Taylor has, in addition to great musical talent, the ability to connect with people, fellow writers and fans, making her a very exciting connection in the country music industry.

Boots Linda
(Boots Of Europe)


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